Tuesday, August 4, 2009


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Yellowstone - 2

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Is there more beautiful place on earth than Yellowstone? I doubt this. Yellowstone is a national park full of acting geizers. Animals there are feeling so secure that they let humans approach them as close as few meters. Yellowstone's nature and formations are due to its location in the ... crater of a huge volcano with diameter of around 60 km. Interestingly this is just a dreaming volcano. If it starts erupting all North America would have a fun :)

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Last photoshoot at Lena and Patrik's

Olga and myself recently visited our friend's house. As I love making children's pictures I secured this opportunity. This was a wonderfull evening in all respects!!!

Victoria and Daniel

Left to right: Lucas, Masha, Lena, Victoria

Lucas and Victoria. Gentleman and lady :)

What is there?

Lena and Lucas